Current fishing practices questionnaire

Thank you for your time. Before we begin our interview, I'm going to give you a quick presentation of the INdIGO project. Its objective is to develop new fishing gear with the particularity of being biodegradable. To carry out this project, we are 10 partners, French and English, who have joined forces. The objective is to design a fishing gear adapted to the future users by integrating them from the beginning in the design process. It is for this reason that we address ourselves to you and thank you for having responded to our request. In order to facilitate our exchange and if you agree, a colleague who is with me will transcribe your answers (ENQ 2). Anything you tell me will be anonymous and confidential. What interests me is what you think. So there are no right or wrong answers. Do you have any questions for me before we begin?

Il y a 31 questions dans ce questionnaire.